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Ready for the Next One...

This was a fun, quick read! Definitely not PG, but not vulgar either. There are so many twists, turns, and connections within the pages it’s bound to keep you hooked. I finished it in 3 days- I love it when that happens! I agree with other reviews that this would be a good one for book club; there’s a lot to talk about. I’d definitely buy the sequel.

Four Stars

"Forever Young is Indiana Jones meets National Treasure meets The Da Vinci Code – with a sexy, original twist. Four stars worth of action, romance, adventure and suspense."

                                                              - Jon Larson, Hollywood Executive


Incredible Premise

"A rollicking read based on an incredible premise, replete with reverent nods to classic films, multi-layered characters, and more twists and turns than NASCAR—all leading up to a breathtaking climax that will leave you wanting more…"

               - Wendy Coakley-Thompson, PhD Author, Writing While Black, Triptych, Back to Life, and What You Won't Do For Love



"Everything Scott Kyle touches seems to turn to gold—his first novel is no exception. I was so engrossed in the story that I couldn’t put it down. A great read!"

                                       -Dawna Stone, Author Healthy You!



"Gripping ... a fast paced, sexy thriller. Kyle and Folan had me on the edge of my seat. This highly entertaining action/adventure has it all ... an unforgettable read!"

                              - Eric Peterson, Author Life as a Sandwich


AMAZON REVIEW: The Pages Turned Themselves!

I like a book that "gets me" from the very beginning. Forever Young hooked me from the opening line!! The character development & advancement of the story line kept pace with the underlying conflict that is created when dealing with immortality. Through the book's main character, Frank, you get to live the experience of eternal youth but at the same time you start wondering "Would I want to live like that?" The suspense builds as the characters are ironically intertwined in each other's lives leaving you to think that things really do happen for a reason! I know I really like a book when I'm sad that it is ending & I find myself hoping for a sequel....

AMAZON REVIEW: Yup! I can see this in theatres all ready

I gave this book fives for a few reasons:


1. I felt as if I were viewing a movie through words on a page. This will be a movie (I called it first!)


2. It was a great read for a great price, the book is huge!


3. It was worth it!I liked the twist and turns that were all throughout the book, the moments where you laugh to yourself because you're able to align with the characters and their remarks.


My only wish... IS THAT IT WAS A MOVIE! I can say this, I was not bored by any means. Very entertaining. Comment Was this review helpful to you? Yes No

AMAZON REVIEW: A fascinating ride! Don't miss it.....

From the very beginning of this book you become totally immersed and remain so, to the very last page. Once on board, it's a rewarding journey without a drop off. The unique subject matter, the characters.and story development, are as good as it gets. I couldn't put it down!

AMAZON REVIEW: Best seller is written all over

Best seller is written all over! This is a fast paced sexy romance adventure novel whose pages turn themselves. What would appear to be every man and woman's fantasy becomes a dreaded curse. Victims of eternal youth force self-reflection about our own mortality. The Celestine Prophecy comes full circle when main character Jackie and Frank meet and throughout which there are many interesting undertones of meaningful coincidences. Kyle and Forlan play nicely with elements of greed, sex, mysticism, adventure and true love. They have created colorful characters who salt the pages and whom one day might dazzle us on the big screen.

AMAZON REVIEW: Forever Young is An Adventure Filled Love Story I Could Not Put Down

This is one of the best books I have read all year. I received it on a Saturday and finished on a Monday and then I was mad at myself because I read it so quickly. I missed it! I wanted more. It has everything I like in a book: great characters, excellent plot, adventurous locations and more. I read many books each year and I have to say many of them I want my money back. But in this case I finished the book and I thought to myself: Where is the sequel?!! So it was a great read and I recommend it highly!


When I picked up Forever Young I half expected a cheesy romance novel but was surprised when it was so much more. Sure, there is a love story, but that is almost a backdrop for this incredibly wild ride the main character goes on. Once he finds out he has this ‘power’ (I won’t give it away!) his life is turned upside down and he literally has to travel half way around the globe to try to put it back together. There were some shockingly funny sex scenes and this really great bad guy named Ari. It is hard to put this novel into a category because it really covers a lot of ground – adventure, romance, lots of action, moral issues…. It is like one of those movies – you just have to get it and when it’s done you say ‘wow that was something I’ve never seen before!’ This is going to be a great summertime read for many.

AMAZON REVIEW: Help! I need a new book, I finished this one too quickly

When reading, I couldn't put the page down I was so intrigued! It was like a mix of Twilight and 50 Shades of Gray with new mind altering plot twists.From the beginning, you are entwined with Frank's love interests and you fall in love with him. Lets not forget the bad guy Ari and his relation to all of it! Don't want to give away any spoilers but all the plot twists and shocking scenes seemed to mesh well and keep the pages turning themselves.Truly recommend this book! Great job Scott!

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